What is Ivy Global School?

Ivy Global School (IGS) is a private virtual school based in Tampa, Florida, USA with complementary co-learning spaces in Vietnam for students from kindergarten through 12th grade. We are committed to supporting students and schools with curriculum aligned with state standard, US-licenced teachers, and in-depth coursework

Who usually takes courses with IGS?

IGS is proud to serve students who: - Credit Acceleration - shorten your graduate time by taking more classes - Curriculum Expansion - a variety of courses - Supplement Courses - make up credits - Challenging Coursework - AP, TestPrep, and Honors classes - Flexibility - study anywhere, any time

What credentials do teachers have?

Our dedicated teachers and committed coaches have many experience in teaching. Highschool teachers and are all certified to teach in the U.S (holding US licence for teaching).


What subjects do you offer?

Our core & elective courses are aligned with US State standards and provide solid background to our students. In addition, honor courses, Advanced Placement courses, TestPrep courses are to challenge students and are widely recognized by most US colleges/universities. At IGS, every student has chance to explore and grow his/her ability.

Does your curriculum align with State Standards?

Yes, all our courses are designed to align with the up-to-date State Standard and under vigorous review.

Do you offer Advanced Placement courses?

Yes, IGS offer Advanced Placement courses in Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Computer Science, English Literature and Composition, and U.S. History

Do I have to meet the minimum requirement for login time per week?

For full time enrollment, you are expected to log into an enrolled course for every 10 school days.

Can I extend course durations?

If you cannot finish the course in the allotted time frame, you have to submit an Extension Request Form to your Teacher / Coach as well as extension fee.

Does IGS offer Dual enrollments?

Junior and Senior High School students can take dual credits. IGS has established a relationship with Broward College for dual enrollment. For other colleges/universities, please consult with IGS staff.


Where can I find the application form?

Application form can be found under Admission page, or you can click here to download and print out the application form.

What materials are required to complete my application form?

For full time enrollment, parents and students must submit 1) Copy of birth certificate; 2) Copy of Current Immunization Record; 3) Copy of your previous transcript in addition to Application Package.

Is there a course enrollment limit and restriction?

For full time enrollment, students are required to complete 4 courses (for elementary school and middle school) or 6 credits per school year. Part Time students are required to register at least 1 course. There is no cap for total courses students can enroll. However, students are encourage to consider: - ability to be successful in courses - other responsibilities and commitments And students should be aware that course grade can affect his/her overall GPA.

How do I get login credentials?

I just submitted an application, what should I expect and do now? Full-time students: Once you completed the application process, you should look for the decision letter in your email you provided. Part-time students: IGS will email you to confirm your application. Once you paid the tuition, you could gain access to our Learning System. Your login information will be sent to the provided email address (please check your junk and spam folders as well). Please contact us if you cannot locate the email.

Do I need to be in the US to take your courses?

No. IGS is a virtual private school with online classes. You can take our classes anywhere, any time.


What are the technology requirements to take courses?

Our Learning Systems can run smoothly on almost all updated operating systems and updated browsers. However, the technology requirements vary by course. Please check the Student/Parent Handbook for full requirements. Since our program is very rich in contents, please make sure that you have a strong internet signal. If possible, use cable instead of wifi.

I forgot my username and password. What should I do?

Please contact our Support team. They are more than welcome to help you with recovering your password and email.

I have trouble logging in. What should I do?

First ensure that you have entered login credentials correctly (no caps lock, no Vietnamese keyboard turn on, no extra space). If you still have troubles logging in, please contact our supporting staff.

How long do I have to work in my courses?

This will depend on your academic skills and background knowledge in a particular subject. An average study time to complete a course is 2 hours/week/subject.

Do I have to meet the minimum requirement for login time per week?

For full time enrollment, you are expected to log into an enrolled course for every 10 school days.

What is the passpoint for a course?

In order to earn course credit, students must gain an overall score of greater than 59/100.

What website do I use?

For Elementary school, please use this link. For Middle School and High School, please use this link.

Can I use a mobile device or tablet to access courses?

Yes, our Learning Systems are mobile and tablet friendly. However, we recommend using a computer for better experience.

I think I might be enrolled in the wrong class. What should I do?

Please contact our Support team if you think you are in the wrong class(es).

Can I extend classwork submission?

Students are required to submit assignments on time. No late assignments will be accepted. If you fail to submit any assignment, grades will be reflected as 0 in your grade book.

If I fail a course, can I retake it?

Students are permitted to retake courses which grade is either D or F. However, you need to pay enrollment fee for that course and all course attempts will be recorded on the transcript.


Can I change/add/drop courses?

Students have 30 calendar days to edit your courses without any penalty. Students require to obtain IGS staff approval before making any changes. Students cannot change courses after the 30-calendar day window.

What is the course withdrawal policy?

If you drop a course after a 30-calendar day window, it would show as "W" on your report card/transcript. Therefore, please consider carefully before withdrawing.


What are the requirements to earn a Diploma degree?

Students are expected to earn at least 23 credits. Please visit Diploma requirements for details.

What is the Diploma program?

The Diploma Program offers students an opportunity to work towards a U.S. diploma from IGS.

Can non-U.S students enroll in a Diploma program?

Yes, as long as you enroll as full-time students at IGS.


Does IGS accept credits from other schools?

IGS accepts students transferring from other institutions. However, IGS cannot accept credits earned at other institutions until an official transcript(s) has been received. Upon receiving the Release of Transcript form, Ivy Global will make up to two requests for the student’s official transcript(s). If a student’s official transcript(s) has not arrived within four weeks, a second request will be submitted and the student will be notified.

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